founder of the CMS and framework b-content

web developer

freelancer @berlin

I'm a German web developer - mostly front-end - who love to create usefull web applications and presentations. Based on my live experience I'm a high motivated person, who use his cross media experience to get out the maximum of the given ressources to make useable and beautifull website and apps.

HTML, CSS and Javascript are very exiting technologies, which can enriche daily (work) life. But we have to learn a lot to deal with the real world needs and useable options of those technologies and devices - and the to use the good parts of the web.

I love to take part of the different steps of creating web apps - from the conception, UX, technical solution over the production untill the maintaining - and working in international teams.

Base on HTML5, php and a lot of different types of tools I created my own CMS to have a good start for individual projects to create a better web.